Brexit statement

Dear Customer

As everyone is aware the UK is currently going through the process of withdrawal from the European Union. The effects of this should be clearer over the coming weeks with an exit date scheduled for the end of March.

The biggest problem that we all face is the uncertainty of the outcome and how this will affect trade from the UK into Europe.

At Polymark we have been planning for this for more than two years.

We have created and grown our production facility in Portugal and it is now ready to become the main manufacturing, administration and distribution centre for Europe for transfers, emblems and tapes. We have been present in Portugal since 2009 and our production unit has been operational since 2016.

We have had a strong commercial company in France for decades. We have also heavily invested in France where, as well as the commercial team, it has been producing high quality emblems and tapes for the last couple of years.

In the last year we have also been working to create a stronger commercial and administration company directly in Benelux. This will be finalized in the next month when we will announce further details.

By reorganizing the European business we are also able to concentrate Polymark GB to provide a higher level of dedicated service to its UK customers.

In summary, Polymark is a European based company and is better positioned than ever before to offer the best possible service to all of its customers.

We are confident that there will be no adverse effect from any Brexit outcome. Indeed we are certain that our advanced planning and a structure that is already in place will provide you with improved delivery times, top level customer support and competitive stable pricing in local currency.

There will certainly be no costs, tariffs or delays resulting from Brexit that will be passed to customers.

We expect to transfer our European customers from Polymark GB to the most suitable European Polymark centre within the next three months and we will be communicating with you all directly to ensure that this process is completely managed for you without disruption.

Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.



Brexit statement